Does a College Education Really Pay Off?

By: Staff Writer

The benefits earned from obtaining a college degree not only offer the student great employment opportunities but also an experience like none other.

Does a College Education Really Pay Off?

A college education is not for everyone. There are countless individuals out in the world today that have become very successful without college degrees. In fact, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard to start Microsoft. However, obtaining an education can rarely be a bad thing and will usually be a worthwhile venture. When it comes to financial means the statistics don’t lie. According to the U.S. Department of Labor those who graduate from high school will make approximately $1.2 million dollars in their lifetime while those with a master’s degree will accumulate $2.5 million over their lifetimes. Statistics also show that employers are more likely to hire individuals with college degrees. Those who attend college are often motivated individuals who are paving a path for their future success. Because college is a voluntary endeavor there is some sort of motivational factor involved that correlates success between prospective employees and their employers. Many prospective students, however, don’t believe that the debt incurred during college will be worth the price. It is true that many college students will go into debt by taking out student loans or obtaining some other financial aid assistance (Go to the Financial Aid article to learn more) Nevertheless, a college degree is much more than just a certificate that qualifies you for future employment. College offers an experience unlike any other. Not only does it qualify you for future employment opportunities, but it also serves as a catalyst to one’s character and ambition. A college education is a great avenue to help broaden the mind and expand its horizons, helping to create a well-rounded way of thinking.

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