12 Stunning Infographics on Education, Technology & Social Media

In the last 10 years, technology has begun to play an increasingly larger role in education. In the last 5 years, social media and portable digital devices have been reshaping the way we learn. What is the role of technology in education? Are there drawbacks to this recent shift in social learning?

We’ve gathered up 12 amazing infographics that focus on education; particularly how technology and social media are affecting education. Let us know your favorite factoids or graphics from our list!

  1. How To Get Better Grades Using Social Media

    via: Masters In Education

  2. Is Twitter Hurting Your Grades?

    via: Master Degree Online

  3. Education 2.0 Social Networking & Education

    via: Column Five Media

  4. How Teachers Think Technology Works Best In The Classroom

    via: GOOD

  5. How Apple Is Revolutionizing Education

    via: Gerardo Obieta

  6. How Facebook Is Reshaping College Admissions

    via: Schools.com

  7. Is Social Media Ruining Students?

    via: OnlineEducation.net

  8. How The Internet Is Revolutionizing Education

    via: OnlineEducation.net

  9. Digital Learning – The Final Chapter For Textbooks

    via: Schools.com

  10. How Technology Is Facilitating Education

    via: Masters In Education

  11. The State Of Digital Education

    via: Krewton.com

  12. Students Love Technology

    via: OnlineEducation.net


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