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Is Grad School a Good Investment?

Grad School

In the cutthroat environment of the modern-day job market, adding a graduate degree to your resumé is looking increasingly more attractive. However, given the higher price tag of a graduate program, is it worth the investment? Continue reading “Is Grad School a Good Investment?” »

Tweet Your Way to a Scholarship


Often dismissed as another social media craze or an online time-waster, Twitter is emerging as a powerful tool for students – companies and schools alike are offering scholarships worth $1,000 or more to the applicant who delivers the most informative, engaging Tweet – all at 140 characters or less! Continue reading “Tweet Your Way to a Scholarship” »

College Tuition – Dollars & Sense

Dollars and Sense

An important part of deciding to further your education is making sure you have all the facts on the schools you’re interested in – and that includes being informed about tuition and other costs associated with attending college. To help potential students and their families with this decision, the Department of Education unveiled a Continue reading “College Tuition – Dollars & Sense” »

Online Classes and Gas Prices


Are you feeling the pain at the gas pump? With fuel costs spiraling higher every week, every extra trip out the door can leave you reeling at the cost of a drive down the block. After shelling out for your commute to work, paying more money to drive to school is even less appealing. However, … Continue reading “Online Classes and Gas Prices” »

Going to college – Hard, but worth it.

graduation students

The benefits of going to college are hard to deny – better salary, more job opportunities, personal growth – but facing the challenges furthering your education presents can cause serious doubt about the value of a degree. Is a college education worth it? In a recent study commissioned by the … Continue reading “Going to college – Hard, but worth it.” »

Accreditation: Why It’s So Important

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design

No one wants to put in the blood, sweat and tears to get a college degree only to find out that it’s a worthless piece of paper. How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? During your search for an online degree program option that fits … Continue reading “Accreditation: Why It’s So Important” »

3 Great Ways to Pay for College

Its raining money

Getting a college education is an important investment in your future, but the cost of furthering your education notoriously induces sticker shock and horror faster than you can say “bankruptcy”. The average cost of a four-year, non-profit private college is $35,000, while cost for four-year public college comes in at … Continue reading “3 Great Ways to Pay for College” »

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Business

Online business degree

Are you tired of searching for jobs, only to find out that you don’t have the education required? Do you yearn to shed your fast-food uniform for a sleek, tailored suit? If you agree with either of those statements, then an online Bachelor’s degree in business is the … Continue reading “Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Business” »

Will Online Education Kill the University?

Should browsing the internet replace earning a university degree? According to Bill Gates, free lectures and information on the web “will be better than a single university,” in comments he made at the Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, CA on August 6, 2010 ( He went on to state that while traditional educational … Continue reading “Will Online Education Kill the University?” »