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Education Inspiration #7 – Proverbs


Because the Bible is a such great source of spiritual inspiration for so many, here at, we decided to look to the Bible for this round of education inspiration quotes. We found some great proverbs that remind us that a well-educated and knowledgeable mind goes hand-in-hand with a strong and wise spirit. … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #7 – Proverbs” »

July 4th : BBQ, Beer, and the Pursuit of Celebration

There is no holiday quite like Independence Day. July 4th is everything we love about summer—good weather, cookouts, time with family and friends—and takes it up a notch with fireworks and parades. Continue reading “July 4th : BBQ, Beer, and the Pursuit of Celebration” »

Is An MBA Degree Worth It?


There is plenty of evidence that shows earning a Master’s degree can increase your earning potential and employability. However, if you’re already working full time or just graduated with a bachelors degree and student loans, the cost in time and money for more education can seem quite high. A … Continue reading “Is An MBA Degree Worth It?” »

America’s Most Thankless Jobs [infographic]

What is a thankless job? If you work hard, and your efforts consistently go unnoticed or you never hear a “thank you” for your hard day’s work — you might be have a thankless job. Thankless jobs become even more thankless when they are underpaid, disrespected, or overworked in hard conditions. In this graphic, we’ve … Continue reading “America’s Most Thankless Jobs [infographic]” »

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