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When it’s okay to say “gay”, a flowchart

Ash Beckham delivered a very funny and persuasive presentation at Ignite Boulder in February about the pejorative use of the word “gay” to describe something that is neither homosexual nor happy. She advocates acceptance over tolerance, and argues that it takes a societal shift to help move … Continue reading “When it’s okay to say “gay”, a flowchart” »

Education Inspiration #8 – Wisdom From Women

Education Inspiration #8

Women teach, inspire, and nurture. From the First Lady of the United States to the woman with the highest IQ, we are highlighting some quotes about education, knowledge, and learning from from influential females. We also created a landscape format of each quote, see the link below each image. Both fit great as a phone … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #8 – Wisdom From Women” »

Full Sail University loves eSports

Full Sail University loves eSports

Thanks to Full Sail University, MLG will be offering the StarCraft II Summer Arena stream for FREE this weekend. Why would a school sponsor a gaming tournament? If you’ve ever wanted to work in eSports, FSU seems to offer some very appealing options. Continue reading “Full Sail University loves eSports” »

College Rankings by Campus Beauty

It’s no surprise that the campus hosting the world’s largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture was also ranked as the most beautiful in the country by The Princeton Review. Florida Southern College’s Wright collection–known as “Child of the Sun”–was designed by the famous architect from 1941 to 1958. The Water Dome piece featured above … Continue reading “College Rankings by Campus Beauty” »

College Rankings by Political Leaning

A recent survey done by The Princeton Review tested to see how liberal or conservative students rated themselves. In total, 122,000 students from 376 colleges responded to the survey. Results were used to rank schools based on their political leaning, and the top 20 from each side are represented in the graphic above by a … Continue reading “College Rankings by Political Leaning” »

The Top 10 Most (and least) LGBT Friendly Colleges

“Do students, faculty, and administrators at your college treat all persons equally regardless of their sexual orientations and gender identify/expression?” The answers to this survey question comprise the top ten lists above, accounting for 122,000 students from 376 colleges in The Princeton Review’s annual student survey. How does equality affect students’ college experience and ability … Continue reading “The Top 10 Most (and least) LGBT Friendly Colleges” »

College Rankings by Beer Consumption

Each year The Princeton Review polls thousands of students at 376 of the best colleges and universities. As part of our Lifelong Learning series, we’ve taken some of the more interesting survey results and created a mini series of graphical highlights. Beer consumption rankings are based on … Continue reading “College Rankings by Beer Consumption” »

Balancing School and Professional Gaming

Korean pro gamer Kim "GanZi" Dong Ju at IPL4, moments before his first match against amateur American player IMBAoracle

TwitchTV’s latest announcement of their new competitive gaming scholarship raises the question: is it possible to make a career out of competitive gaming and still go to school? Would a $10,000 scholarship help? Continue reading “Balancing School and Professional Gaming” »

7 Parenting Tips for Raising a Lifelong Learner

From the words you use, to the activities you provide, as a Mom, you play a key role in your child’s language and learning abilities. Below are 7 tips to help encourage creativity and develop the skills your children will use throughout their life, long before they set foot in a classroom.

What is a Stay-at-home Mom’s Work Worth? [infographic]

Obviously there’s no putting a price tag on the real value of a Mom, but if you consider all the jobs Moms do day in and day out (plus overtime), you might be surprised to see just how high their market value really is. Continue reading “What is a Stay-at-home Mom’s Work Worth? [infographic]” »

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