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Expectations for Online Information Technology Programs


Businesses that rely on their IT infrastructure need to know that the people they hire to manage and maintain their computer and network systems have the training and skills to keep everything running. Even a little downtime can be extremely detrimental to a company’s bottom line. They need dependable people who understand how these computer … Continue reading “Expectations for Online Information Technology Programs” »

A Healthcare Career without Going to Medical School

The healthcare industry is always growing, and the job prospects in the field are going right up with it. However, you don’t have to spend years upon years in medical school to qualify for a job in the industry. There are other positions besides doctors and nurses, and their roles are very important and they … Continue reading “A Healthcare Career without Going to Medical School” »

Online Education in Public Schools

In high school, students do not have many options beyond public, private or home schooling. However, a new opportunity is reaching some schools—that of online education. According to a news story from, a school in Provo, UT recently began offering an online alternative that helps parents offer a quality education in an environment of … Continue reading “Online Education in Public Schools” »

Different Concentrations for an Online Master’s in Education


Different Concentrations for an Online Master’s in Education Earning a Master’s degree in Education can lead to an increased salary, better job security, and, most importantly, improved teaching skills that will help you guide and inspire your students. There are many careers that you can pursue … Continue reading “Different Concentrations for an Online Master’s in Education” »

What You Can Do with a Wildlife Management Online Degree

Gray wolf

If you love animals, plants and all manner of wildlife, then getting an online degree in wildlife management could be the perfect opportunity for you to do something you love. Whether you would like to manage reservations or zoo facilities (both recreational and commercial) then a wildlife management online degree can help get you there. … Continue reading “What You Can Do with a Wildlife Management Online Degree” »

Putting Business Management Degrees to Use

Managers play a critical role in most businesses. It doesn’t matter what industry the company is in, or if it is an international corporation or a simple non-profit organization, good managers will dictate exactly how successful that company can be. You will need experience, education, and an understanding of modern business practices, and a good … Continue reading “Putting Business Management Degrees to Use” »

College Capacity Bursting at the Seams

Across the nation, and certainly across the state of Utah, universities are struggling to find room for the rising number of students wishing to enroll. According to a recent article in the Deseret News, enrollment is at a record high, with many schools unable to … Continue reading “College Capacity Bursting at the Seams” »

The State of Student Debt [infographic]

The State of Student Debt

Click for larger view The average student debt for public universities is around $20,000 and $28,000 for private universities. Shocking. Not surprisingly, dependent students that rely on their parent’s income are borrowing about $2,000 less in loans than those students who are independent from their parents. However, all this debt does not just … Continue reading “The State of Student Debt [infographic]” »

What You Can Do With an Online Science Education Degree


Obtaining an online science education degree prepares you to teach K-12 science courses, and right now there is a very high need for trained teachers in this field. For elementary and secondary school education, you can get an online science education degree to help put yourself … Continue reading “What You Can Do With an Online Science Education Degree” »

Getting an Online Math Education Degree

If teaching math has always been your dream but you find it hard to meet the demands of a brick and mortar university, then you should consider getting an online math education degree. Because the courses are online, you can keep your current job, work the … Continue reading “Getting an Online Math Education Degree” »

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