Is A Bachelors Degree In Animation Worth It?

A Bachelor’s Degree in Animation will equip you with skills in drawing, animation, story boarding, computer sciences, 3D modeling, and everything else it will take to make it in the world of animation. Continue reading “Is A Bachelors Degree In Animation Worth It?” »


With the arts in schools and arts funding being cut right and left, many people wonder if it’s worth it to get a degree in an area like animation. The answer is a resounding yes! That’s in part because ANY degree is worth it when it comes to the job market today, but also because animators are in high demand. Most importantly, though, the classes you take while getting a degree in animation will prepare you for all aspects of what can be a very challenging, though fun, profession.

When talking about animation, we’re not just referring to the kind of animation used for Disney movies or The Simpsons. While that type of animation is still very popular, more and more people are using computer-aided animation in a variety of ways. Pixar might be the company that immediately comes to mind, but there are many places that are using computer-aided animation for a lot of other things.

If you think about technology that you use and see each day, you’ll find a great number of animated features that you might not even think about. For example, cell phone apps are often animated; software sometimes has illustrations and animation; many web sites have an animated feature; cartoons, films, short films, and commercials can be animated; video & computer games have oodles of animation; designs (3-D modeling) are sometimes animated; even instructional videos can have animations in them.

There are a number of schools that have animation programs, where you’ll learn about drawing, animation, story boarding, computer sciences, and everything else it will take to make it in the world of animation. You’ll also have access to internships and guidance from seasoned professionals who know what it takes to get the job you want.  Most importantly, you’ll get plenty of real experience that will prepare you well for a career in animation.

Illustration & models courtesy of Ryan J. Metcalf

  • friendlyone20

    This is the degree I’m working towards and I don’t give a flying fudge if people say it’s worthless. To me, it’s priceless.

    • Mike Metcalf

      My brother went for a degree in Animation at BYU in Utah. He got a job offer before even finishing, and is now working as a character artist at Blizzard. The skills you’ll pick up in an animation program will serve you well, but your passion is what will drive your career forward. And it sounds like you’ve got that. Work hard and good luck!

  • Joseph LeBaron

    I did a degree in graphic design. I took one class in animation that was fun and challenging. Seems like the kind of job that could be very entertaining.

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