Bachelor’s Degrees – 5 Careers Hiring Now!

It’s one of the toughest job markets out there right now in America, but there are pockets of silver linings that are hiring new college graduates right now.

As you may expect, they are specialized degrees and most involve math or science. For those students who have the interest and aptitude, these are well paying jobs with a strong near-term future.

Based on the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2011 Job Outlook report, here are the top bachelor’s degree programs.

#5 Business Administration – A number of different employers hire college graduates with this degree, but a number of different jobs can be held with such a degree. The hiring outlook through 2018 forecasts a 20% plus rate. Some jobs currently hiring include public relations, marketing and operations analysis. The Department of Labor’s salary outlook for these positions is:

Public Relations Specialist: $59,150
Marketing Specialist: $66,850
Operations Research Analyst: $76,980 

#4 Computer Science – As U.S. business has become virtually dependent on technology to succeed, hiring computer technologists is a necessity for every industry.  Even the smallest businesses that utilize technology hire in-house or outsource such help.

As technology has developed the career opportunities for computer science majors has grown and diversified. The DOL expects hiring to increase by 24% over the next seven years.

Computer Support Specialist: $49,930
Network Systems Administrator: $72,200
Computer Scientist: $103,150

#3 Engineering – President Obama recently said one way to improve the economy is to train and hire more engineers. Engineering comes in a number of flavors…mechanical, electrical, civil, software and more.

While the hiring outlook for the next decade isn’t as strong…only 11%…given the state of the economy, it’s still remarkable. The median salaries for engineers are near the top of the scale.

Mechanical Engineer: $82,480
Civil Engineer: $82,280
Electrical Engineer: $87,770

#2 Finance – Even though banks were involved in the financial meltdown, finance has been a sector that recovered quickly from the recession and many opportunities still exist in finance and insurance for new graduates.

The hiring forecast is about 20% for the next eight years and a number of different opportunities exist in many industries. Financial analysts top the demand scale. Salary ranges from the DOL are:

Financial Analyst: $86,040
Personal Financial Advisor: $91,220
Actuary: $98,620

::drum roll::

#1 Accounting – Money makes the world go ’round and businesses need people to keep track of it. An accounting degree can also lead to other financial positions like budget analysis, bookkeeping and lending analysis.

The DOL forecasts a 22% hiring rate for accountants through 2018. Salary ranges for accounting related degrees are:

Loan Officer: $65,900
Accountant: $68,960
Budget Analyst: $70,660

A bachelor’s degree isn’t out of reach. There are many paths to obtaining any one of these degrees including community colleges, career colleges, public universities and online courses. Many students who have earned these degrees took a hybrid approach that involved combinations of types of schools.

You can search for the right combination for the education of your dreams.

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