Can a College Education Help Save the World?

Education Heroes

Saving the world is a tough job. Surely it comes with qualifications? It seems that, for many of our movie heroines and heroes (both super- and human), a college education is one of them. Here are a few heroic actresses and actors and their collegiate qualifications:

Edward NortonEd Norton (The Incredible Hulk)
Received his BA in History from Yale University in 1991.
BladeWesley Snipes (Blade)
Graduated from State University of New York at Purchase with his BA in 1984.
Lucy Liu (Viper, Alex Munday)
Graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Chinese Language and Culture.
Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman (Wolverine)
Went to the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, and received his BA in Communications in 1991.
Samuel Effing JacksonSamuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury)
Received his BA in Drama from Morehouse College.
Halle Berry (Storm)
Graduated from Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio in 1986 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.
robinChris O’Donnell (Robin)
Got his BA in Marketing from Boston College.
Sir Ian McKellen (Dumbledore, Gandalf, Magneto)
Received his BA in English from Cambridge University in 1961.
Ming-Na (Mulan)
Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in theater.
James McAvoy (Charles Xavier)
Graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama in 2000.

So if you’re looking to save the world, don’t forget your weaponry, maybe some tights and a cape, and that handy college diploma!

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  • Miss Abbey

    Ian McKellen didn’t play Dumbledore… that was Richard Harris & Sir Michael Gambon, both of which have college educations. Harris went to the London Academy of Music and the Dramatic Arts, and Gambon went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

    • Anonymous

      Whoops, you’re absolutely right! I’ll correct the article, thanks Miss Abbey!

    • Joseph LeBaron

      Yeah DegreeSearch. Get your wizards straight. Also, the real Dumbledore has legs and would certainly never have fought along side Robin (or any other hero with such a ridiculous codpiece for that matter).

      • Anonymous

        You’ve obviously never seen Dumbledore and Robin.

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