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Candy Calories [infographic]

We recently explored what Halloween candies kids most want to get when they trick or treat. Today we’ll take a look at which candies pack the most calories.

With Halloween around the corner, we’ll all see our fair share of candy. And it’s hard not to love the stuff. We’re pre-wired to crave it. How many calories will we consume by eating the typical candy treats? Some of the calorie counts in these popular candies might surprise you!

For example one king size Baby Ruth = 500 calories. For the same calorie intake you could eat:

– More than a whole box of red vines
– Nearly 2 popcorn balls or caramel apples
– About 70 candy corns
– About 20 jolly ranchers
– 8 Tootsie pops
– 100 sticks of Juicy Fruit gum

One estimate puts the average Halloween candy hoard at about 9,000 calories. Yikes!

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Candy Calories [infographic]

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