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DegreeSearch at Social Media Marketing World

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This week, I was in San Diego representing DegreeSearch at Social Media Marketing World (hashtag #SMMW13). SMMW is a conference presented by Social Media Examiner, and is an event designed to inspire and educate social media marketers with ideas, … Continue reading “DegreeSearch at Social Media Marketing World” »

What To Expect As A Medical Coder

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Non-clinical healthcare professions, such as medical billing, coding and transcription, have been gaining popularity over the last decade. Every profession has insider details that aren’t always easy to research on your own, so we’ve asked Jeff from ICE Training Institute to give us some information about one of the most popular programs: medical coding. Continue reading “What To Expect As A Medical Coder” »

Essential College Christmas Movies


Finals are over, and it’s time to go home for the holidays. Many families have a tradition to watch holiday movies together, but which movies are most loved by college students? Here is our list of essential Christmas movies for college students. Continue reading “Essential College Christmas Movies” »

Full Sail University loves eSports

Full Sail University loves eSports

Thanks to Full Sail University, MLG will be offering the StarCraft II Summer Arena stream for FREE this weekend. Why would a school sponsor a gaming tournament? If you’ve ever wanted to work in eSports, FSU seems to offer some very appealing options. Continue reading “Full Sail University loves eSports” »

Summer Employment Ideas For College Students


Looking for a summer job? Here are some student-friendly employment ideas to make money over the summer. Continue reading “Summer Employment Ideas For College Students” »

Is A Bachelors Degree In Animation Worth It?


A Bachelor’s Degree in Animation will equip you with skills in drawing, animation, story boarding, computer sciences, 3D modeling, and everything else it will take to make it in the world of animation. Continue reading “Is A Bachelors Degree In Animation Worth It?” »

What Can I Do With An MFA?


Working towards an MFA is a hectic time, with constant deadlines, and professors and advisors breathing down your necks, squeezing creativity out of you like paint onto a palette. All the same, there’s security and purpose in grad school – a sense of who you are and what you are doing. Continue reading “What Can I Do With An MFA?” »

What can you do with a Communications Degree? [infographic]

Pursuing a degree in communications will allow you to take your career in a number of different directions. Programs are designed to help students develop both written and verbal language skills to influence people and spread ideas. While effective communication can be applied to nearly any work environment, choosing an emphasis can help you find a job sooner after graduation… Continue reading “What can you do with a Communications Degree? [infographic]” »

America’s Most Thankless Jobs [infographic]

What is a thankless job? If you work hard, and your efforts consistently go unnoticed or you never hear a “thank you” for your hard day’s work — you might be have a thankless job. Thankless jobs become even more thankless when they are underpaid, disrespected, or overworked in hard conditions. In this graphic, we’ve … Continue reading “America’s Most Thankless Jobs [infographic]” »

Education Without Creativity Isn’t Enough


President Obama, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other influential Americans have been pushing educators for more emphasis on STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in schools. After all, in our educational heyday (back in the space race days), America was leading the world in these fields. Since then, we’ve fallen behind many countries in … Continue reading “Education Without Creativity Isn’t Enough” »

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