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What To Do With a Communications Degree


Communications students study a variety of skills that are highly sought after in the job market. Here is an in-depth list of potential careers that communications majors can pursue. Continue reading “What To Do With a Communications Degree” »

Is An MBA Degree Worth It?


There is plenty of evidence that shows earning a Master’s degree can increase your earning potential and employability. However, if you’re already working full time or just graduated with a bachelors degree and student loans, the cost in time and money for more education can seem quite high. A … Continue reading “Is An MBA Degree Worth It?” »

Why Get A Degree In Education?


… our art teacher was walking by and upon seeing the mess, stopped and said, “Look – art!” That moment influenced a lot of how I’ve thought about art and developed as an artist… Continue reading “Why Get A Degree In Education?” »

What Can I Do With An MFA?


Working towards an MFA is a hectic time, with constant deadlines, and professors and advisors breathing down your necks, squeezing creativity out of you like paint onto a palette. All the same, there’s security and purpose in grad school – a sense of who you are and what you are doing. Continue reading “What Can I Do With An MFA?” »

Is Grad School a Good Investment?

Grad School

In the cutthroat environment of the modern-day job market, adding a graduate degree to your resumé is looking increasingly more attractive. However, given the higher price tag of a graduate program, is it worth the investment? Continue reading “Is Grad School a Good Investment?” »

Get a Bachelor’s Degree…in This Economy?

Bachelors Degree

Two things about unemployed graduate horror stories have remained constant: they always feature an over-educated bartender, and they are always wrong. Continue reading “Get a Bachelor’s Degree…in This Economy?” »

Bachelor’s Degrees – 5 Careers Hiring Now!

Silver Lining

It’s one of the toughest job markets out there right now in America, but there are pockets of silver linings that are hiring new college graduates right now. As you may expect, they are specialized degrees and most involve math or science. For those students who have the interest and aptitude, these are well paying … Continue reading “Bachelor’s Degrees – 5 Careers Hiring Now!” »

Online Universities Boosting Accreditation

At the Georgia campus of Walden University, a for-profit college based in Minneapolis, more than 2,500 students are working on master’s degrees or doctorates in education programs, said Bonnie Copeland, vice president for education policy and regulation. Walden is a candidate for NCATE accreditation, which should be in … Continue reading “Online Universities Boosting Accreditation” »

Online Degrees vs. Traditional Degrees

Online colleges and universities are changing the face of education. With this change comes debate over the effectiveness of the education and the value of the degree. It’s a classic technology challenge. Should I spend my money on new technology, or wait for some sort of standard to exist? Beta vs. VHS. … Continue reading “Online Degrees vs. Traditional Degrees” »

Are Online Degrees Worth It?

There is some debate as to whether an online college degree is as valuable as a traditional classroom degree. With rising costs at secondary institutions and increased demand for classes, even traditional universities like Georgetown, Colorado State and … Continue reading “Are Online Degrees Worth It?” »

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