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Criminal Justice Graduate School: Is It For You?

Advantages of Criminal Justice Graduate School Have you ever watched CSI, Castle, NCIS, Bones or Law and Order and thought of how exciting that criminal justice job would be? Watching these TV shows can give you a rush, so imagine what that would feel like in real life. If you could help innocent victims or … Continue reading “Criminal Justice Graduate School: Is It For You?” »

Online Master’s Degree In Criminal Justice

Hammer and Gavel used in the Criminal Justice system

Coursework for an Online Master Degree in Criminal Justice There are a lot of careers available to someone with a degree in criminal justice, and by taking your education a step further you will be qualified for leadership positions and soon assume greater management responsibilities within those jobs. If you take your … Continue reading “Online Master’s Degree In Criminal Justice” »

Management Information Systems as an Online Degree


The Difference between CIS and MIS Degrees Most modern businesses depend on cutting-edge computer technology to remain competitive in their industries, and that means there has to be someone in the company that actually understands it and knows how to get the most out of it. This is why professionals in information systems have become … Continue reading “Management Information Systems as an Online Degree” »

Find an Accredited Criminal Justice Bachelors Degree Online


While online schools are gaining more and more acceptance in the workplace, there are still some schools out there (commonly referred to as “degree mills”) that are causing grief for everyone else. It is especially important that when you choose your online school and program that you are sure it is properly accredited and provides … Continue reading “Find an Accredited Criminal Justice Bachelors Degree Online” »

Medical Coding & Billing Schools


A Healthcare Career without Going to Medical School The healthcare industry is always growing, and the job prospects in the field are going right up with it. However, you don’t have to spend years upon years in medical school to qualify for a job in the industry. There are other positions besides doctors and nurses. … Continue reading “Medical Coding & Billing Schools” »

Supply Chain Management Online Degree


Supply Chain Management Online Degrees – Lessons Learned from a Volcano You might not know it, but a volcanic eruption has the potential to change more than just the local landscape. With the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano, many people found out the hard way that this sort of natural disturbance has the ability to … Continue reading “Supply Chain Management Online Degree” »

Top 10 college majors


Choosing a college major is a big step. It can determine your career path and define the focus of your college studies. We’ve gathered information from the Princeton Review, and the National Center for Educational Statistics. The following majors are ranked by popularity. Continue reading “Top 10 college majors” »

How long does it take college and university students to complete their degrees?

Happy College Graduate

High school graduation is just around the corner and many high school seniors are considering majors, schools to attend, and timeline for their continued education. My nephew is one of these seniors and is planning to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah in the fall. How long is it going to … Continue reading “How long does it take college and university students to complete their degrees?” »