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The Best 2013 Commencement Speeches – Part Two

2013 commenement header 2

2013 has been a great year for commencement speeches. There were so many excellent snippets of advice for graduates this year, we decided to do another post highlighting the wisdom imparted upon the graduates of the Class of 2013. This round of quotes come from Arianna Huffington, Deepak Chopra, Joss Weadon, Ed Helms, and Katie … Continue reading “The Best 2013 Commencement Speeches – Part Two” »

Bike Safety 101

bike safety 101

Spring is finally here, or so it seems. (Spring’s been awfully fickle this year, so it’s hard to tell if it’s really here or not.) With spring come birds singing, leaves budding, love (that’s a thing, right?) and bicyclists galore. Sharing the road is the responsibility of both the bikers and the drivers, so it’s … Continue reading “Bike Safety 101” »

What To Do With a Communications Degree


Communications students study a variety of skills that are highly sought after in the job market. Here is an in-depth list of potential careers that communications majors can pursue. Continue reading “What To Do With a Communications Degree” »

March Madness – Nerd-Style!


Not a fan of college basketball or NCAA March Madness? Perhaps it’s time to organize a Nerd Tournament. Continue reading “March Madness – Nerd-Style!” »

Six Things You’ll Realize When You Graduate

moving home header

How is life different after you graduate from college? Do things change? Here are six realizations that will become perfectly clear to you once you’ve graduated. Continue reading “Six Things You’ll Realize When You Graduate” »

4 Ways to Furnish Your College Apartment On a Tight Budget

furnishing a college dorm

On a budget? It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to furnish your first apartment. Here are some ways to make your apartment a home, without breaking the bank. Continue reading “4 Ways to Furnish Your College Apartment On a Tight Budget” »

The Five-Pronged Approach To Goal-Setting

five-pronged goal setting

Looking to find some balance in your life in 2013? We suggest the five-pronged approach: Create intellectual, physical, spiritual, financial, and social goals. Continue reading “The Five-Pronged Approach To Goal-Setting” »

Balancing Your Health

The most popular new year’s goal this year is weight loss. Together with goals like “more exercise” and “healthier eating,” these health-oriented goals account for 42% of new year’s goals made in the U.S. Whether you are a college student or … Continue reading “Balancing Your Health” »

How To Pull An All-Nighter During Finals

how to pull an allnighter

Fall Semester is quickly coming to a close. With so many final projects and tests, how do you fit it all in? You might need to pull an “all-nighter” or two. Continue reading “How To Pull An All-Nighter During Finals” »

Facts About London I Didn’t Learn In College

parliament square and big ben

Which London bridge is falling down? Where exactly is “Big Ben?” Find out some facts about London that you might not have learned in college. Continue reading “Facts About London I Didn’t Learn In College” »

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