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Full Sail University Receives Awards

In an effort to reward outstanding online institutions and brick-and-mortar schools that offer web-based programs, the U.S. Distance Learning Association (USDLA) presents honors to deserving universities. For example, the USDLA recently announced in a press release that Full Sail University won … Continue reading “Full Sail University Receives Awards” »

Tennessee’s Most Needed College Degrees Announced

A new study by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the University of Tennessee Center for Business and Economic Research has come up with a list of the 10 most in-demand careers and the 10 degrees that will land a graduate in an over-saturated job market. via Students don’t always pick the … Continue reading “Tennessee’s Most Needed College Degrees Announced” »

What’s the point of high school?


If the point of high school is to prepare young adults either to go to college and/or enter the workforce, educators are falling short. There’s been a lot of talk about reform in the education industry, particularly as it pertains to high school and other K-12 education. One of the … Continue reading “What’s the point of high school?” »

Going to college – Hard, but worth it.

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The benefits of going to college are hard to deny – better salary, more job opportunities, personal growth – but facing the challenges furthering your education presents can cause serious doubt about the value of a degree. Is a college education worth it? In a recent study commissioned by the … Continue reading “Going to college – Hard, but worth it.” »

Accreditation: Why It’s So Important

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No one wants to put in the blood, sweat and tears to get a college degree only to find out that it’s a worthless piece of paper. How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? During your search for an online degree program option that fits … Continue reading “Accreditation: Why It’s So Important” »

Aristotle, Dr. Dre, and the Value of Mentoring


In 343 B.C. Aristotle was appointed mentor to a 7 year old boy who was son to the King of Macedon. This same boy (later known in the history books as Alexander the Great) grew to command of one of the largest empires in ancient history. Turn the clocks forward to 1998 when Dr. Dre … Continue reading “Aristotle, Dr. Dre, and the Value of Mentoring” »

Thinking differently about the human capacity for learning [video]

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Creative expert Sir Ken Robinson is an internationally recognized leader, speaker, Professor of Education, and author. Recently, one of his talks at the RSA was animated to further illustrate his thoughts on the current state of education. Robinson poses that our current education system is outdated. He points … Continue reading “Thinking differently about the human capacity for learning ” »

Accredited online education degree

Getting your degree online is mainstream in today’s educated world. An important part of preparing to get your online education is to make sure the school you are considering is an accredited school. What does it mean to be accredited? According to the U.S. Department of Education: Accreditation … Continue reading “Accredited online education degree” »

Graduating from College with Less Debt


One of the biggest barriers to getting a degree, such as an online bachelors degree in business, is the cost. College is definitely an expensive venture, especially since the tuition isn’t the only contributor to the debt that can accumulate. Other factors are books, fees, housing, and the reduced … Continue reading “Graduating from College with Less Debt” »

Transitioning towards a Bachelors degree

It’s true that getting a bachelors degree can increase your earning potential and chances of getting a job. But some people aren’t ready to commit to a four-year program, or a cumbersome class schedule. Luckily, there’s a solution that can help bridge the gap between you and your four-year degree: An associates degree.