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Why Students Prefer Digital Textbooks


Digital textbook adoption is a hot topic in higher education. Tablets, laptops, and smartphones give students the ability to study without all the extra bulk in the backpack. Continue reading “Why Students Prefer Digital Textbooks” »

A Glimpse Into The Life Of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr "I have a dream"

Today we celebrate Dr Martin Luther King Jr, a leader known for standing up for truth and justice. King’s commitment to the American Dream led his mission to foster change in society, to allow equal opportunity for all. Continue reading “A Glimpse Into The Life Of Martin Luther King Jr.” »

Five Smartphone Apps To Help You Stay Organized At College

Apps for college organization

Students have an entire support system at their fingertips with their smartphones. Here is a list of helpful apps to help you stay organized in college. Continue reading “Five Smartphone Apps To Help You Stay Organized At College” »

Balancing School and Professional Gaming

Korean pro gamer Kim "GanZi" Dong Ju at IPL4, moments before his first match against amateur American player IMBAoracle

TwitchTV’s latest announcement of their new competitive gaming scholarship raises the question: is it possible to make a career out of competitive gaming and still go to school? Would a $10,000 scholarship help? Continue reading “Balancing School and Professional Gaming” »

The Cost of Dropping Out [infographic]

I found this infographic while browsing through some some recent posts on Pinterest. This particular graphic was posted by a girl I went to high school with, who now happens to be a teacher (I know what you’re thinking and no, neither of us dropped out). It does a nice job summarizing the cost of … Continue reading “The Cost of Dropping Out [infographic]” »

How can you make a difference? [video]


I saw this commercial today for Unisa, which is the University of South Australia. The animation style is beautiful and the ad is very well done. The music is moving and the message is clear and concise: It’s not a relief plan. It’s not a love note. It’s not … Continue reading “How can you make a difference? ” »

Tweet Your Way to a Scholarship


Often dismissed as another social media craze or an online time-waster, Twitter is emerging as a powerful tool for students – companies and schools alike are offering scholarships worth $1,000 or more to the applicant who delivers the most informative, engaging Tweet – all at 140 characters or less! Continue reading “Tweet Your Way to a Scholarship” »

Keeping a Sense of Humor in College

Smiling Student

Remember to laugh! (and other essential tips for surviving college) Continue reading “Keeping a Sense of Humor in College” »

Can a College Education Help Save the World?

Education Heroes

Saving the world is a tough job. Surely it comes with qualifications? It seems that, for many of our movie heroines and heroes (both super- and human), a college education is one of them. Here are a few heroic actresses and actors and their collegiate qualifications: Ed Norton … Continue reading “Can a College Education Help Save the World?” »

The F Stands for Fabulous [video]


I stumbled across a great find yesterday, created by the folks over at Juicy Fruit. It features a singing mythical creature, consoling those who have failed their most recent test. If you’re taking any college courses, hopefully you don’t know … Continue reading “The F Stands for Fabulous ” »

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