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Can Online Classes Solve California’s Education Crisis?

university students header

Can wait-listed California college and university students benefit from an online program for courses without a seat available, while maintaining quality standards of campus-based instruction? Continue reading “Can Online Classes Solve California’s Education Crisis?” »

College Rankings by Political Leaning

A recent survey done by The Princeton Review tested to see how liberal or conservative students rated themselves. In total, 122,000 students from 376 colleges responded to the survey. Results were used to rank schools based on their political leaning, and the top 20 from each side are represented in the graphic above by a … Continue reading “College Rankings by Political Leaning” »

Where Did The Presidential Candidates Receive Their Education?

Barack Obama Mitt Romney

How much do you know about President Obama and Mitt Romney’s education? While the educational platforms for Obama and Romney differ, there are some similarities in their personal schooling history. Continue reading “Where Did The Presidential Candidates Receive Their Education?” »

Gov challenges schools to embrace digital textbooks


The Obama administration challenges schools to embrace digital textbooks, and releases a 67-page playbook to schools to offer guidance to schools. Continue reading “Gov challenges schools to embrace digital textbooks” »

Mentors Make A Difference [infographic]

Last month, President Barack Obama proclaimed January National Mentoring Month. President Obama noted that: By setting a positive example and sharing their time, knowledge, and experience, mentors play an essential role in preparing our Nation’s youth for a bright future… at Continue reading “Mentors Make A Difference [infographic]” »

The Cost of Dropping Out [infographic]

I found this infographic while browsing through some some recent posts on Pinterest. This particular graphic was posted by a girl I went to high school with, who now happens to be a teacher (I know what you’re thinking and no, neither of us dropped out). It does a nice job summarizing the cost of … Continue reading “The Cost of Dropping Out [infographic]” »

Online Universities Boosting Accreditation

At the Georgia campus of Walden University, a for-profit college based in Minneapolis, more than 2,500 students are working on master’s degrees or doctorates in education programs, said Bonnie Copeland, vice president for education policy and regulation. Walden is a candidate for NCATE accreditation, which should be in … Continue reading “Online Universities Boosting Accreditation” »

9 Facts About Pell Grants [infographic]

The Pell Grant is one of the most prized forms of financial aid — mostly because it is a grant, and does not have to be paid back. Each year, Pell Grants are awarded to low-income undergraduate students across the nation. The maximum Pell Grant for the 2010-11 academic year is $5,550. The actual amount … Continue reading “9 Facts About Pell Grants [infographic]” »

Online Degree Programs Face Greater Regulation

The Department of Education has finalized its “gainful employment” rule, which will ban for-profit schools like DeVry University or Apollo Group Inc.’s University of Phoenix from accessing federal financial aid dollars if too many of their graduates are unable to … Continue reading “Online Degree Programs Face Greater Regulation” »

Who Gets Financial Aid? [infographic]

With the rising costs of tuition, financial aid is on college students’ minds more than ever before. Students are applying for grants and student loans in record numbers. The good news is that aid is increasing. More financial aid was available to students this year than in any previous year, with a promised plan from … Continue reading “Who Gets Financial Aid? [infographic]” »

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