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What is a Working Mom Really Worth? [infographic]

Obviously there’s no putting a price tag on the real value of a Mom, but if you consider all the jobs Moms do day in and day out (plus overtime), you might be surprised to see just how high their market value really is. Continue reading “What is a Working Mom Really Worth? [infographic]” »

Kiss Me, I’m Irish – St. Patrick’s Day 2012 [infographic]

Ireland has had an enormous influence on America. For hundreds of years, Irish immigrants have come to the U.S. in staggering numbers; bringing their traditions of St. Patrick’s Day and a boost to our population and economy. Population Between 1820 and 1930 it is estimated that 4.5 million Irish immigrants traveled to the U.S. That’s … Continue reading “Kiss Me, I’m Irish – St. Patrick’s Day 2012 [infographic]” »

Valentine’s Day Spending 2012 [infographic]

When we took a look at Valentine’s Day Spending last year, spending was rebounding after the recession. This year, spending is back and stronger than ever. Americans are expected to spend an average of $126.03 per person, or $17.6 Billion. Here are few highlights from the graphic: Valentine’s Day spending is up 8.5% … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Spending 2012 [infographic]” »

Move, eat, learn, repeat [video]


I discovered this series of videos today called “move, eat, learn” that inspired me to want to get up from my desk and try something new. There’s a thrill, and a sense of pride and satisfaction from learning to do something new, or seeing the world from a new perspective. Whether you learn a new … Continue reading “Move, eat, learn, repeat ” »

Can Doodling Help Improve Your Grades?


We’ve all done it – zoned out in class and drawn pictures or shapes along the edges of our notebooks. Some of those little doodles can actually be pretty good, too. But can they help you raise your grades? With a little practice and the right applications, they probably can! For one thing, your scribbles, … Continue reading “Can Doodling Help Improve Your Grades?” »

10 Ramen Recipes For Any Time of the Day


Most college students have to stick to a fairly strict budget, especially when it comes to food. And while eating only Ramen noodles may be the college stand-by, there are ways to spice them up with a few extra ingredients. And the great thing about ramen is how versatile they are – they can be … Continue reading “10 Ramen Recipes For Any Time of the Day” »

Shark-Free Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Once August hits, it seems that back-to-school ads inundate us and summer races to a finish.  Why not embrace the last few weeks before we’re back in lecture halls and spending our evenings in the library and have some summer fun?  And what better way than to grab a few friends and hold a photo … Continue reading “Shark-Free Scavenger Hunt” »

Shark Week: Shark Awards [infographic]

Sharks are so incredible, but which sharks are the best? Based on numbers by the ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research, we’ve declared winners in several categories. Continue reading “Shark Week: Shark Awards [infographic]” »

Shark Week: Super Sharks [infographic]

Sharks have been around for about 450 million years, and some modern sharks began to appear 208 million years ago. That’s 50 million years before the T-Rex roamed the earth! So what makes sharks the perfect predator? Continue reading “Shark Week: Super Sharks [infographic]” »

Shark Week: Shark Attacks [infographic]

Since 1580 the International Shark Attack File has recorded thousands of shark attacks and hundreds of fatalities. Why then, you may ask yourself, have the 3 deadliest sharks only accounted for 117 (65, 27, and 25, respectively) of those deaths? Continue reading “Shark Week: Shark Attacks [infographic]” »