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The Best 2013 Commencement Speeches

2013 commencement header

Another year of hard work, sacrifice, studying, and learning has passed, and college students are graduating with their degrees. These years of effort are celebrated at the commencement ceremonies, and each school is at liberty to choose their keynote speaker. Government leaders, celebrities, humanitarians, famous athletes and local figures have been imparting their wisdom upon … Continue reading “The Best 2013 Commencement Speeches” »

Education Inspiration #14 – John Muir

john muir post header

Many people know that April 21st is Earth Day, which is a worldwide celebration to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Those who love the planet in 192 countries around the world plant trees, increase recycling efforts, advocate for environmental issues, and raise funds for environmental awareness. But did you know that April 21st is also … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #14 – John Muir” »

Education Inspiration #13 – Spring Has Sprung


It’s March 21st, which means that spring has sprung! Spring is the season of growth and rebirth, and the change of season invigorates and inspires students, children, parents, and all people to try new things. Countless things have been said by great minds about this particular season, and we share a few of … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #13 – Spring Has Sprung” »

When it’s okay to say “gay”, a flowchart

Ash Beckham delivered a very funny and persuasive presentation at Ignite Boulder in February about the pejorative use of the word “gay” to describe something that is neither homosexual nor happy. She advocates acceptance over tolerance, and argues that it takes a societal shift to help move … Continue reading “When it’s okay to say “gay”, a flowchart” »

Education Inspiration #12 – Dr. Seuss


Dr. Seuss’s impact on learning, creativity, and make-believe has inspired generations of students, families, and dreamers. Today we celebrate his birthday with some of his most favorite quotes. Continue reading “Education Inspiration #12 – Dr. Seuss” »

Education Inspiration #11 – Martin Luther King, Jr.

"sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity"

Martin Luther King Jr was born January 15, 1929, and accomplished much in his short life of 39 years. King was a master orator, and is known for inspiring the masses with speeches about the the American Dream and fostering change in society to allow equal opportunity for all humans, regardless of race, creed, … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #11 – Martin Luther King, Jr.” »

Education Inspiration #10 – Christmas Cheer

Christmas in my heart

Christmas is coming, and the world is feeling more jolly. December is often called the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” and with good reason. The spirit of Christmas tends to bring out the best in people as they give to others and reflect on the year that is ending. We’ve already talked about the … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #10 – Christmas Cheer” »

Education Inspiration #9 – In Defense Of Food


Let’s talk for a moment about nutrition. Whether you’re interested in a degree in nutrition, or you’re just hoping to avoid putting on the “Freshman 15“, it’s important to be well informed on nutrition. After all, studies have shown that good nutrition may affect the … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #9 – In Defense Of Food” »

Education Inspiration #8 – Wisdom From Women

Education Inspiration #8

Women teach, inspire, and nurture. From the First Lady of the United States to the woman with the highest IQ, we are highlighting some quotes about education, knowledge, and learning from from influential females. We also created a landscape format of each quote, see the link below each image. Both fit great as a phone … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #8 – Wisdom From Women” »

Education Inspiration #7 – Proverbs


Because the Bible is a such great source of spiritual inspiration for so many, here at, we decided to look to the Bible for this round of education inspiration quotes. We found some great proverbs that remind us that a well-educated and knowledgeable mind goes hand-in-hand with a strong and wise spirit. … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #7 – Proverbs” »

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