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College Football – Brains vs. Wins 2011 [infographic]

Last year we took a look at graduation rates from some of the top college football teams in the nation. You might be surprised to see how your team stacks up against the competition. Is your favorite team full of student athletes or tackling dummies? Time to find out.

Here are a few noteworthy items:

  1. Top 10 Football Grad Rates: FBS
    Notre Dame 96%
    Duke 95%
    Northwestern 95%
    Rice 93%
    Navy 92%
    Boston College 90%
    Vanderbilt 89%
    Rutgers 88%
    Stanford 86%
    Air Force 86%
  2. Bottom 10 Football Grad Rates: FBS
    San Jose St. 42%
    Oklahoma 44%
    South Florida 46%
    Hawaii 46%
    Florida International 46%
    Arizona 48%
    Texas 49%
    Georgia Tech 49%
    Houston 51%
    Eastern Michigan 51%
  3. Our graphs use the “Graduation Success Rates” (GSRs) from the NCAA’s 2010 graduation rate report. For comparison the average national grad rate is 63%, the average NCAA student athlete grad rate is 79% and the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) average is 67%1
  4. With scandals and pending investigations, we’ve left Penn State out of our Student Athlete Bowl games this year. Better luck next year PSU.

1 Grad Rates Hit High Marks

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College Football – Brains vs. Wins 2011 [infographic]

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