Different Concentrations for an Online Master’s in Education

Different Concentrations for an Online Master’s in Education

Earning a Master’s degree in Education can lead to an increased salary, better job security, and, most importantly, improved teaching skills that will help you guide and inspire your students. There are many careers that you can pursue after you have earned an online Masters in Education degree with a concentration in a specific area. There are a few different paths you can take, and this can be a great way to follow through with your interests while advancing your education.

Curriculum and Instruction

This concentration helps you learn the techniques and strategies that you can use to really start motivating and engaging learners. You will find out what makes students tick, and you can start creating the programs that will reach them.

An online Master’s in Education degree with this concentration will prepare you for a career as a Course Designer, Education Consultant, Curriculum Manager, or a Training and Development Advisor. If you have interest in building the programs that teachers will use students will appreciate, you should look at a specialization like this.

Educational Assessment and Evaluation

What is working in the organization and what isn’t? These classes are focused on understanding the theory and practice of running an efficient organization that will encourage students to learn and grow. If you follow through with this concentration, you will qualify for jobs as Assistant Principal, Instructional Designer, Exam Developer, and more.

Instructional Technology

Personal and professional use of technology is more important than ever, and concentrating in this area of an online Master’s in education degree will help you understand and apply different technological tools in the classroom. These courses will show you how to do everything from using computer labs effectively to creating computer-based instructional materials.

Leadership of Educational Organizations

This concentration will prepare you for a career in administration where you can help an organization run as effectively as possible. A degree in this area provides an understanding of leadership theory and application as well as prepares you to manage the difficulties of running and educational institution, from introducing new technologies and curriculum to hiring and managing staff.

A Master’s degree can open a lot of doors for people pursuing a career in education. Whether you are just looking for a better salary or a new specialization, online education make it easy to take the classes you need and fit them in around your busy schedule.

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