Going to college – Hard, but worth it.

The benefits of going to college are hard to deny – better salary, more job opportunities, personal growth – but facing the challenges furthering your education presents can cause serious doubt about the value of a degree. Is a college education worth it?

In a recent study commissioned by the American Council on Education, almost 90% of college graduates surveyed expressed that their degree had been worth the money and time it took to obtain. 85% said that their education helped prepare them for their current jobs. The Council’s president, Molly Broad, remarked on the enthusiastic results, stating that “For something that takes this much time and this much money, [a college degree] still draws a nearly unanimous declaration of its value.” (The Chronicle).

Getting a college degree pays off – literally! According to College Board article, Education Pays, “the typical male college graduate earned 60% more than the typical male high school graduate”, with the percent difference for women at a staggering 69% more for female college graduates compared to their high school graduate peers.

While responsibilities like work and family can make obtaining a degree at a conventional college next to impossible, the availability of high-quality online education options makes going back to school more convenient than ever. With an online program, you can fit classes into your schedule – whether that means doing an assignment in between making your kids dinner or after your 9-5 shift at work. Whatever your need, there is an online program that can help you further your education and get you on the road to a better, more satisfying job.

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