How Americans AREN’T Spending Their Time [infographic]

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How Americans Aren't Spending Their Time

Every year the Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys about 13,000 individuals to find out how Americans are spending their time. As the unemployment rate doubled from 5% to 10% from 2007 to 2009 during the economic recession, you might think that Americans would be spending the extra time to better qualify themselves for employment through an online education or a traditional college when the opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, the statistics seem to indicate otherwise.

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  • Mike

    @lowlevel You make a good case, but there is plenty of federal financial aid available for the unemployed.

    President Obama announced last year that unemployed workers and their families may be eligible for additional financial aid to pay for college or training. Additional financial aid may include the maximum Pell grant ($5,350) and other federal aid.

    More information here:

  • lowlevel

    When you’re unemployed you don’t exactly have a few hundred spare dollars for each course you would like to take… especially if you’re trying to pay your rent and keep the phone. There are plenty of capable people who’s hands are simply tied. Whoever wrote the above comments lacks common sense.

  • Mike

    While I was researching this, I read that one possible explanation for the increase in lethargy is that unemployed Americans are generally less motivated to engage in the very types of behavior you would hope they might due to anxiety and depression. Has anyone seen this happen in the life of someone you know? What about the opposite? It seems like a great opportunity to do something to improve your situation.

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