Income By Education Level [Infographic]

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Getting an education isn’t cheap and going to college isn’t easy. So why do so many people do it? For the most part, it’s to achieve more — grow more, learn more, and of course earn more.

Look for your current career in the graph, or the career you want to pursue. If you don’t see the career your looking for, you can find the data here.

Below are a few helpful ways to use this career data:

1. Compare your current salary to the national average. Does that knowledge help you negotiate a raise?
2. If there is a career you’re interested in, the zones along the bottom of the graph will help you know what kind of preparation you’ll need.
3. These careers are some of the most in-demand careers over the next 10 years. You can find a complete list of the hot jobs here.

  • drdanj

    This may be true as far as it goes, but it leaves out a massive portion of “income”, and thus inadvertently perpetuates one of the myths that will destroy us. This leaves salary, benefits, bonuses, perks, of the super-rich. The people who make 450 times the rest of us, the 1% and the 0.1%, those who own half the wealth of the nation. The intent of this chart is solid, I accept that. The impact however, is extremely misleading about income distribution. Add in the rest of the super-wealthy, and this chart’s final bar would go up about five stories.

  • Big mama ” val

    I need go take care learning training school homework first passed grade school homework first time job of the moment graduated diompla !!! :-)

  • Alan

    Dental Hygienists make 67,400 a year? You have got to be kidding me. This chart is visually appealing, but I suspect the actual data is off.

    • disqus_5mzWKSTg3O

      I pay my hygienist 400 dollars a day, but she only works at my office 2 days a week.
      She works 2 days a week at another office. If she’s making about the same there, then she’s making well over 70k a year.

    • Craig

      I think you’re confusing a dental assistant with a dental hygienist. Different levels of education and as such different levels of pay.

  • Alexander Pons

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  • Auntnat781

    seeing how much you can make before you graduate compare to after. Its a big difference!  I like the number I would be getting now

  • Vickieborum

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  • Donnalmusto

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  • arlyne

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