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Kiss Me, I’m Irish – St. Patrick’s Day 2012 [infographic]

Ireland has had an enormous influence on America. For hundreds of years, Irish immigrants have come to the U.S. in staggering numbers; bringing their traditions of St. Patrick’s Day and a boost to our population and economy.


Between 1820 and 1930 it is estimated that 4.5 million Irish immigrants traveled to the U.S. That’s just shy of Ireland’s current population of 4.58 Million.

Many of the eastern states maintain high concentrations of Irish ancestry. Twenty four percent of Massachusetts residents claim Irish ancestry (compared to 11.2% Irish ancestry for the nation as a whole).


Census data shows that Irish-American citizens have some distinct advantages over their average American counterparts. They are more likely to have graduated high school, and more likely to have earned a college degree. They are less likely to be in poverty and more likely to have health insurance. They are more likely to own a home and earn more income per household.


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Kiss Me, I’m Irish – St. Patrick’s Day 2012 [infographic]

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