New Sitcom about Community College

community-showHave you seen the preview for NBC’s new comedy “Community” coming out this fall? I saw it last night and I was laughing out loud. Joel McHale from The Soup stars as a lawyer whose license has been revoked that is returning to college. He forms a study group with other misfit students that end up learning more about themselves than their course work.

From Emmy Award-winning directors Joe and Anthony Russo (Arrested Development) comes a smart comedy about higher education…and lower expectations.

I can’t wait for the show to begin!

It seems that community colleges around the globe seem to get a bad rap. Some think they are not a real college or are too easy. What are the bonuses of going to a community college first?

1. It’s cheaper
Why not save you or your parents the extra cash it would cost to attend a university and get your generals done at a community college. It won’t matter where you completed your generals studies once you transfer to a university. Your degree will still be of the same value once you graduate.

2. A change of scenery can keep a student motivated
A community college is great for those students that enjoy change and need it to do well. If you attend a community college for a few years just when you are getting sick of it you will be done and can transfer to a university. This will keep your education fresh and fun.

3. A community college is a great place to experiment
Very few high school graduates know what they would like to major in. Attending a community college allows you the opportunity to try different classes at a cheaper rate that will help you find those classes that you really enjoy. It’s a great place to find out what you would like to major in.

4. You can live at home
Perhaps you would like to attend college but financially you really cannot afford to move away? This is a great reason to attend your local community college. You can live at home and still further your education without having to pay for housing, food, washer and dryer etc.

5. You have a second chance at getting into the University of your dreams
Some of you may not have been accepted to the one University you had your heart set on. Going to a community college allows you time to improve your grades and prepare to apply again to your University of choice. Transfer students have a higher acceptance rate than first time applicants.

Going to a community college is not the easy way to go to college it is the smart way. Tune into NBC this fall for a lot of laughs, I know that I will!

  • Craig

    Great article. It really is too bad that community colleges have the negative stigma that they do. I would add another thing to the list, community colleges provide educcation and training in skills that traditional universities typically don’t. Subjects like auto and diesel mechanics, cabinet making, drafting, medical and and dental assisting. Programs that teach specific practical skills for great jobs. If sitting through auditorium size class to learn theory isn’t your bag. Community Colleges and trade schools are a great way to get useful skills in typically the same amount of time it takes to get an associates in general education. And as stated in the article at a fair price as well.

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