Nerdy Valentines: Part Two

Ready for some more Valentines Day geekery? We had such an arousing response to our first set of Nerdy Valentines, we decided to publish another set!

We hope you’re sharing these heartfelt Valentines messages with the ones who turn you on (mentally, of course). We want you to share the love!
Who is on your most wanted list? If you’re studying Homeland Security, you and cupid can hunt them down together. Don’t let anyone terrorize your heart, unless you think they’re the bomb.

Speaking of explosive, love can be messy. Just remember if you truly love someone, you do so “in sickness and in health.” Love may require skills in  pre-medicine and/or  plumbing, but just remember that happiness “:)” starts with a colon.

Everyone knows that love and attraction requires the right chemistry. Set those bunsen burners to high flame, and let things heat up. And as my might expect, chemistry majors do it on the table, periodically. Ladies, bring your beaker and find your man’s stirring rod..

Are you a code nerd? Do you imagine yourself canoodling in your coder’s curly braces? An information technology degree will arm you with the right vocabulary to tell your nerdy lover that they have class and you’ve selected their attributes.

valentine-blogs-commentsWhether you studied journalism or art history in college, or you just write blog posts and love letters for fun, the written word is essential. Make sure to give an appropriate response to your lover’s words. Remember: The Pen is Mightier.


One of the most exciting parts of Valentines Day can be…well…taking off all of your clothes. Business majors are known for being efficient and “getting down to business,” if you know what I mean. If your partner is down to his or her business socks, you know it’s business time.

Don’t get the “business socks” reference? Then you probably haven’t heard of Flight of the Conchords.

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