Online Master’s Degree In Criminal Justice

Coursework for an Online Master Degree in Criminal Justice

There are a lot of careers available to someone with a degree in criminal justice, and by taking your education a step further you will be qualified for leadership positions and soon assume greater management responsibilities within those jobs. If you take your education all the way through to an online master degree, criminal justice opportunities will really start to open up for you.

What exactly interests you about criminal justice careers? Do you want to be a forensic scientist like you’ve seen on all the television shows, or have you always wanted to join the local law enforcement agency? No matter what your final goals, the coursework involved with an online master degree in criminal justice will prepare you for these challenging and rewarding careers.

Examples of Coursework

Every school will have a different curriculum, of course, but in general there are some subjects they will all cover in one form or another. This way they can ensure that your master’s degree is as comprehensive as possible, and that you will be ready to step into those leadership roles. Some common classes include:

Theories on Criminology – These classes examine the various theories about criminal behavior and what drives some people to break the law. This can include discussions on possible psychological, environmental, and genetic influences on behavior.

Computer Applications in Criminal Justice – The modern world requires modern solutions, and these classes will make sure you are familiar with the computerized applications used in many organizations.

Research Methodologies – How do you collect the critical data for an important case? How do you find out what laws apply to different situations? You can find out in these classes.

Criminal Justice Administration – Not everyone in criminal justice is a police officer. Administrators make sure the organization runs as efficiently as possible.

Forensic Science in Investigations – These classes help you understand how physical evidence is generated and how it needs to be collected and analyzed. It will also focus on discovering what evidence is actually reliable and what is misleading.

Criminal Law, Procedures, and Individual Rights – Understand the definitions and developments in criminal law, how procedures relate to individual rights, and what can be done to deal with criminals and law breakers.

An online master degree in criminal justice may require extra time and effort, but if you are really looking for a career that can make a difference, this may be the way to go.

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