Summer Vacation on a Budget

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Summer is here! School’s out, and as the kids would say, “No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks!” (As a teacher I feel that I should be offended by that last part, but at the same time take great pride in my “Stop misbehaving or I will melt you with my … Continue reading “Summer Vacation on a Budget” »

The Best 2013 Commencement Speeches – Part Two

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2013 has been a great year for commencement speeches. There were so many excellent snippets of advice for graduates this year, we decided to do another post highlighting the wisdom imparted upon the graduates of the Class of 2013. This round of quotes come from Arianna Huffington, Deepak Chopra, Joss Weadon, Ed Helms, and Katie … Continue reading “The Best 2013 Commencement Speeches – Part Two” »

Calculating Living Expenses for College Students

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Students around the country are breathing a collective sigh of relief after their high school graduations. Many plan to take summer jobs before leaving for college, but haven’t figured out how much they will need to save for college. Beyond room and board, there are a lot of places your hard-earned money can be spent. … Continue reading “Calculating Living Expenses for College Students” »

Bike Racing: the Final Exam

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So here you are, having mastered your bike safety and bike maintenance skills, wondering what in the world to do next. You’re ready, you’re bike’s ready, now you need to put yourself and your bike to the test. The best way to do that is, of course, to sign up for … Continue reading “Bike Racing: the Final Exam” »

The Best 2013 Commencement Speeches

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Another year of hard work, sacrifice, studying, and learning has passed, and college students are graduating with their degrees. These years of effort are celebrated at the commencement ceremonies, and each school is at liberty to choose their keynote speaker. Government leaders, celebrities, humanitarians, famous athletes and local figures have been imparting their wisdom upon … Continue reading “The Best 2013 Commencement Speeches” »