Bike Maintenance 101


Now that you’ve got bike safety under your belt, it’s time to move on to another important aspect of bike riding: bike maintenance. Your car probably gets this sort of attention – tune-ups, oil changes, car washes, etc – but do you give your bike the same kind of care? Just as your car … Continue reading “Bike Maintenance 101” »

Bike Safety 101

bike safety 101

Spring is finally here, or so it seems. (Spring’s been awfully fickle this year, so it’s hard to tell if it’s really here or not.) With spring come birds singing, leaves budding, love (that’s a thing, right?) and bicyclists galore. Sharing the road is the responsibility of both the bikers and the drivers, so it’s … Continue reading “Bike Safety 101” »

Ten Funny Memes About Finals

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College students around the country are in the thick of finals, and stress levels are high. Students are cramming for exams and figuring out ways to survive an all-nighter study session. With tensions high, stressed studiers need a break. And what a better way to get away from the stress than with a … Continue reading “Ten Funny Memes About Finals” »

What To Do With a Communications Degree


Communications students study a variety of skills that are highly sought after in the job market. Here is an in-depth list of potential careers that communications majors can pursue. Continue reading “What To Do With a Communications Degree” »

Education Inspiration #14 – John Muir

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Many people know that April 21st is Earth Day, which is a worldwide celebration to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Those who love the planet in 192 countries around the world plant trees, increase recycling efforts, advocate for environmental issues, and raise funds for environmental awareness. But did you know that April 21st is also … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #14 – John Muir” »