The Origin of Santa Claus [Infographic]

Is that you? Santa Claus? Who is Santa Claus? Where did his story begin? Why does he have so many different names? As a company that specializes in online education, we felt it was our duty to learn and share. Below, you’ll find a more detailed timeline of some additional Santa-related events. Do … Continue reading “The Origin of Santa Claus [Infographic]” »

Going to college – Hard, but worth it.

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The benefits of going to college are hard to deny – better salary, more job opportunities, personal growth – but facing the challenges furthering your education presents can cause serious doubt about the value of a degree. Is a college education worth it? In a recent study commissioned by the … Continue reading “Going to college – Hard, but worth it.” »

10 Staggering Facts about Education in America


Here at, we’re always on the lookout for interesting education stats. We find plenty of tidbits that are interesting, but some are truly staggering. There are a lot of negative education numbers in our infographic, but don’t let that get you down. There is plenty of data out there to show … Continue reading “10 Staggering Facts about Education in America” »

Accreditation: Why It’s So Important

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No one wants to put in the blood, sweat and tears to get a college degree only to find out that it’s a worthless piece of paper. How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? During your search for an online degree program option that fits … Continue reading “Accreditation: Why It’s So Important” »

Aristotle, Dr. Dre, and the Value of Mentoring


In 343 B.C. Aristotle was appointed mentor to a 7 year old boy who was son to the King of Macedon. This same boy (later known in the history books as Alexander the Great) grew to command of one of the largest empires in ancient history. Turn the clocks forward to 1998 when Dr. Dre … Continue reading “Aristotle, Dr. Dre, and the Value of Mentoring” »