Brains Vs. Wins in College Football, How Does YOUR Team Stack Up? [Infographic]


Click the infographic below for a larger view. Every fall college football captures nationwide attention, but what escapes our attention is what happens to the players when the season is over. Many of the powerhouse football schools are doing a pathetic job of graduating their players. So is your favorite team well-rounded … Continue reading “Brains Vs. Wins in College Football, How Does YOUR Team Stack Up? [Infographic]” »

Expectations for Online Information Technology Programs


Businesses that rely on their IT infrastructure need to know that the people they hire to manage and maintain their computer and network systems have the training and skills to keep everything running. Even a little downtime can be extremely detrimental to a company’s bottom line. They need dependable people who understand how these computer … Continue reading “Expectations for Online Information Technology Programs” »

Obama announces plans to strengthen community colleges

Commuity College

It’s time to reform our community colleges so that they provide Americans of all ages a chance to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to compete for the jobs of the future. — President Barack Obama Today, Oct 5th, the White House staged its first ever Summit on Community Colleges. … Continue reading “Obama announces plans to strengthen community colleges” »

Homeschooling by the Numbers [infographic]


Across the United States homeschooling has been overlooked and underrated by many. Diving deeper into student performance and the environments of homeschooling households, it is clear that homeschoolers have risen to the occasion and met the expectations of recruiting Universities and American workforce. There an estimated 1.9 to 2.5 million home-educated kindergarten … Continue reading “Homeschooling by the Numbers [infographic]” »

President Obama On The Value of Education


President Obama gave a back-to-school speech this week in Philadelphia. Among his remarks, he spoke about how vitally important it is to get as much education as possible. …nobody gets to write your destiny but you. Your future is in your hands. Your life … Continue reading “President Obama On The Value of Education” »