March Madness – Nerd-Style!


Not a fan of college basketball or NCAA March Madness? Perhaps it’s time to organize a Nerd Tournament. Continue reading “March Madness – Nerd-Style!” »

Education Inspiration #13 – Spring Has Sprung


It’s March 21st, which means that spring has sprung! Spring is the season of growth and rebirth, and the change of season invigorates and inspires students, children, parents, and all people to try new things. Countless things have been said by great minds about this particular season, and we share a few of … Continue reading “Education Inspiration #13 – Spring Has Sprung” »

What To Expect As A Medical Coder

medical charts

Non-clinical healthcare professions, such as medical billing, coding and transcription, have been gaining popularity over the last decade. Every profession has insider details that aren’t always easy to research on your own, so we’ve asked Jeff from ICE Training Institute to give us some information about one of the most popular programs: medical coding. Continue reading “What To Expect As A Medical Coder” »

March Madness – Brains vs Wins 2013 [infographic]

Once the tournament starts, you can follow the online bracket for live updates here. If Brains and Wins have anything to do with March Madness, the Blue Devils take the tournament for the second year in a row. We tallied the basketball player grad rates and win rates … Continue reading “March Madness – Brains vs Wins 2013 [infographic]” »

The Ides of March – A Tragic Shakespeare Infographic

beware the ides of march

Today is March 15th, which means the “Ides of March” are upon us. In the original Roman calendar, March was the first month of the year. The Romans celebrated from the first of March through the Ides, as these days were essentially New Year’s celebrations. The Ides of March was a date on the … Continue reading “The Ides of March – A Tragic Shakespeare Infographic” »