The Perfect Time For A Degree


According to a report recently released by Georgetown University, the number of jobs requiring college degrees is growing faster than the number of people who complete those degrees: America is slowly coming out of the Recession of 2007—only to find itself on a collision course with the … Continue reading “The Perfect Time For A Degree” »

Thinking About a Computer Information Systems Online Degree?

Professionals in the Computer Information Systems industry have always had to walk a fine line between serious computer programming or network management and developing and implementing usable systems that actually improve the company’s operational procedures. Working in CIS means you can’t sit back in the completely theoretical area of computer science. You will have to … Continue reading “Thinking About a Computer Information Systems Online Degree?” »

Using Criminal Justice Online Degree Programs for Jobs with Acronyms

DEA badge (YD)

A criminal justice degree can lead to a number of rewarding and exciting law enforcement careers, and whether it is because of the police shows on TV or a simple desire to help other people the number of people joining the agencies with the acronyms continues to grow. However, this also means that competition … Continue reading “Using Criminal Justice Online Degree Programs for Jobs with Acronyms” »

Non-Traditional Students

Adult Student

Many people might be intimidated by the idea of entering college as a non-traditional student, or a student over the age of 25. They might see college as a place for “young people” or as a missed opportunity. However, those considering obtaining a higher education as a non-traditional student are not alone. According to the … Continue reading “Non-Traditional Students” »

Criminal Justice Graduate School: Is It For You?

Advantages of Criminal Justice Graduate School Have you ever watched CSI, Castle, NCIS, Bones or Law and Order and thought of how exciting that criminal justice job would be? Watching these TV shows can give you a rush, so imagine what that would feel like in real life. If you could help innocent victims or … Continue reading “Criminal Justice Graduate School: Is It For You?” »