Student Attitudes in Education


I came across a very interesting article that addresses attitudes of students in regards to learning. Carol Dweck believes that there is a difference between teaching students to get good grades because they’re naturally smart, and teaching them to get good grades as a result of hard Continue reading “Student Attitudes in Education” »

5 Jobs that Pay $100K


Yahoo! posted an article today about 5 popular career paths that can help you bring in a great salary — over $100,000 a year! These kinds of earnings are possible, but don’t just happen overnight. It takes hard work and the right plan. With the right education, and the … Continue reading “5 Jobs that Pay $100K” »

Digital vs. Traditional Education


Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen a significant shift in the way we learn. Instead of encyclopedias we use wikis. Where we once had books, we have PDFs, mp3s and eBooks. Rather than go to the library, we go online. And in many cases, in the place of … Continue reading “Digital vs. Traditional Education” »

Famous & Educated: U.S. Presidents


What education does it take to qualify someone to be the President of the United States? Is a Bachelor’s Degree sufficient? Let’s look to our past and see where some of our leading men went to college. Ronald Reagan Our 40th President attended Continue reading “Famous & Educated: U.S. Presidents” »

Interesting Education Factoids


Today I have been reviewing a US Census press releases and came accross a report that caught my attention. I don’t know if you are into percentages and random bits of information but these figures interested me. If you are thinking about Continue reading “Interesting Education Factoids” »

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