Finding a Job with an Accredited Online Degree

It’s true that, for recent college graduates, it’s hard to find a job these days. According to the Wall Street Journal, Companies have cut back hiring and when they do have jobs, they have plenty of experienced applicants to pick from. College graduates typically need further training … Continue reading “Finding a Job with an Accredited Online Degree” »

Evaluating Career Goals and Dreams

I recently read an essay by a writer who finds herself struggling with making ends meet. She writes about her life as a writer, finding jobs here and there that she doesn’t really like or excel at, looking at them as temporary positions until her “real” career takes off. … Continue reading “Evaluating Career Goals and Dreams” »

Beyond Tuition: The Cost of Student Living Today

The Cost of Student Living

Click to view larger version With the ever-increasing cost of college tuition, it’s interesting to see where students are spending their leftover cash (what little they may have). Here is a run-down of some things on your average student’s list. How much is spent on discretionary items? 40% of the average student spends … Continue reading “Beyond Tuition: The Cost of Student Living Today” »

Student Attitudes in Education


I came across a very interesting article that addresses attitudes of students in regards to learning. Carol Dweck believes that there is a difference between teaching students to get good grades because they’re naturally smart, and teaching them to get good grades as a result of hard Continue reading “Student Attitudes in Education” »

5 Jobs that Pay $100K


Yahoo! posted an article today about 5 popular career paths that can help you bring in a great salary — over $100,000 a year! These kinds of earnings are possible, but don’t just happen overnight. It takes hard work and the right plan. With the right education, and the … Continue reading “5 Jobs that Pay $100K” »