How to take online classes

If you aren’t sure what an online class might entail this YouTube video is here to help. They make some really great points and answer some very common questions a person might have that is considering online classes. Leave it to Howcast to put it all together in one … Continue reading “How to take online classes” »

Christmas shopping for your college student


The count down is on and Christmas will be here in less than 25 days. Weather you are a college student making your own wish list or a parent looking for the perfect gift, I can help. The best thing about shopping for college students is that they … Continue reading “Christmas shopping for your college student” »

Famous & Educated: Comedy central goes to college


There are a large number of comedians that keep us rolling on TV, in movies and at the club but who of your favorite comedians actually went to college and even graduated? This might make you laugh or it might make you stop and think they really are smarter than the characters they often portray … Continue reading “Famous & Educated: Comedy central goes to college” »

College application time for High School seniors


On my first day of English class as a high school senior I recall what my teacher said, “Christmas is tomorrow and graduation is next week.” What he was trying to tell us is that our senior year was going to fly by and that we had better start thinking about our … Continue reading “College application time for High School seniors” »

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

I saw a clip last week of Stephen Colbert interviewing Arne Duncan, the US Secretary of Education. After shooting hoops outside the studio, Stephen and Arne got down to business talking about the future of education in the United States. In the interview Duncan sets forth his main goal: make sure kids are graduating high … Continue reading “Secretary of Education Arne Duncan” »

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