Essential college gear from the past


I recently read an article on and it turned out to be really entertaining. They take you back through the decades to see how college gear has changed and evolved. Some of my favorite featured items are mentioned below. Most college students will tell you that fashion and … Continue reading “Essential college gear from the past” »

Hope for recent college graduates

hope for college graduates

It seems like all you hear these days is how hard it is for recent college graduates to get a job. I have heard it from family, friends and also in news reports but today I would like to offer a small amount of hope to those that fall into this rather large and growing … Continue reading “Hope for recent college graduates” »

Is University of Phoenix #1?


According to a report I recently read by the NCES (National Center for Education Statistics), the university with the highest enrollment for both online and campus was the University of Phoenix with a total enrollment of 165,373 students. The next largest … Continue reading “Is University of Phoenix #1?” »

Prepare Today for Tomorrow!


Procrastination surrounds our everyday life.  If possible we will put tasks aside if less appealing than others.  For example, many people put off their own education, just because more work is involved than the everyday task. Why wouldn’t you want to be as educated as possible?   What better time to get educated for tomorrow’s world than … Continue reading “Prepare Today for Tomorrow!” »

Income, Education, and Marital Status


If you had to take a guess, who would you say makes more money: a high school grad or a college grad? “Easy,” you’re thinking, “college grads make more.” And you’re right. In fact, college graduates earn about double the income of high school graduates. Now, tell me who makes more, a single guy or … Continue reading “Income, Education, and Marital Status” »

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