Dead End Job?

Do you feel like you are at a dead end job? Well don’t get too down on yourself it could be worse! Check out this guy’s job and tell me what you think. I absolutely love that his job description is “critter removal”. Now I am sure he has a more official position name but … Continue reading “Dead End Job?” »

AIS: College Scholarships for Native Americans


Last month, I attended a great education charity event for American Indian Services. AIS is a non-profit organization that has provided thousands of college scholarships for almost 100 different Indian tribes. It was an inspiring event. They shared stories about how AIS got started, and how an … Continue reading “AIS: College Scholarships for Native Americans” »

New Sitcom about Community College


Have you seen the preview for NBC’s new comedy “Community” coming out this fall? I saw it last night and I was laughing out loud. Joel McHale from The Soup stars as a lawyer whose license has been revoked that is returning to college. He forms a study group with other misfit students that … Continue reading “New Sitcom about Community College” »

Famous and Educated: What players in the PGA attended college?


I am not a huge golf lover, but lucky for me I married a man that is as much into golf as a person can get (at least in my opinion). Over the weekend he watched the U.S. Open which included most, if not all, of the top names in the golf world. So which … Continue reading “Famous and Educated: What players in the PGA attended college?” »

How to choose a college that is right for you


Choosing a college or university can be a very daunting task. I recently read an article on that offered great advice. I have used some of their ideas and added a few of my own. 1. Start with who you are and why you are going. Before you … Continue reading “How to choose a college that is right for you” »

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