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What is a Stay-at-home Mom’s Work Worth? [infographic]

The true value of a Mom

When Hilary Rosen accused Presidential first-wife hopeful Ann Romney of having “actually never worked a day in her life”, she set off a spark that erupted into a white-hot debate in the “Working Mommy Wars”. As a passive 3rd party (I’ve got a ‘y’ chromosome, ladies), father of 3 young children, and husband of a stay-at-home Mom, I can confidently say that full-time motherhood is hard work.

Two weeks ago, my wife abandoned me for 61 hours and 24 minutes to attend a conference with her sister and mom. In an effort to distract myself from the anxiety leading up to the weekend, I fantasized of calling her up at night and reporting how the kids were slumbering peacefully, the dishes loaded, and laundry folded. How naive I was. After a 3 hour bout of crisis management—administering aid to whichever child needed it most urgently at the moment—I successfully placed all 3 kids in their designated sleeping areas. This left me a short window to pick up toys, unload the dishes, and eat a grape before the 4-month-old demanded sustenance. When she called to check in that night, I tried my best to conceal my exhaustion and boast of my effortless victory. She humored me with a suspicious commendation, but I knew she knew.

If there was any trace of doubt in my mind that full-time motherhood was anything less than miraculous, it was utterly eradicated in the short time I spent as a full-time dad that weekend. So to my own wife, mother, and all Moms everywhere, thank you. If we could pay you the $112k+ you deserve, we would. You certainly earned it.

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What about working Moms?

We haven’t forgotten you! Take a look at our other infographic to calculate
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Shameless self-promotional plug: For the Moms interested in going back to school but have discovered college with kids is a little tricky (read: impossible), check out all the programs available online! Accelerated courses are offered by many schools, and financial aid is available almost everywhere.

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What is a Stay-at-home Mom’s Work Worth? [infographic]

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  1. Von Aug 21, 2013 at 6:36 am

    Reasons why this is terrible:

    1. Anyone with a full time job and kids has to do all these things as well as their job. The way this is presented implies that stay at home mothers work far more than people with full time jobs, when this is simply not the case. That’s not to say being a SAHM is a bad choice, or not a difficult task, just that this “study” is incredibly biased.

    2. Six hours a week doing washing? Do these women have ten children? If you spend six hours doing washing per week, I suggest you invest in a washing machine instead of hand washing everything.

    3. “Psychologist”… So this is saying that a mother talking to her very young children is the equivalent to a professional with a degree who deals with multiple illnesses on a daily basis, and theoretically should be paid as such? No. A mother does not, in any way, perform the job of a psychologist.

    4. Ditto for “CEO”. Not a chance. How does a SAHM perform the duties of a CEO? Actually, also “facilities manager”.

    I have no doubt that being a stay at home mum is not an easy job, but this glorification and exaggeration of the task is really silly. Some mothers get really passionate about the fact that they “do more” than people with full time jobs, when that’s just plainly wrong. Stop worshiping them as heroes, they chose to have these children, it is now their job to raise them, and they can apparently afford to live off of one salary – they are ordinary people who have chosen to take more involvement in the raising of their children rather than sending them to daycare. All their problems are literally first world problems.


    • Zach Apr 10, 2014 at 9:24 pm

      Bitter much?

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