Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

I saw a clip last week of Stephen Colbert interviewing Arne Duncan, the US Secretary of Education. After shooting hoops outside the studio, Stephen and Arne got down to business talking about the future of education in the United States. In the interview Duncan sets forth his main goal: make sure kids are graduating high school. In fact, he aims to make our nation the world leader in low dropout rates by 2020.

He talks about lots of the goals and aims of the education program and shares his vision of schools as community learning centers. He says schools are the heart of each community. It comes as no surprise, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school dropouts earn on average $426/week, compared to $978/week for those who have earned a bachelor’s degree.

He makes a point that we need to make sure “every child has a great teacher” and that we need to make sure that high school grads are “college ready and career ready”. It’s no secret that education is the key to success. “We need to invest early” says Duncan of our education. What are you waiting for. Invest in your future today and advance your education — right after you watch this clip (the interview starts after a quick basketball montage – about 1:25 into it):

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