Summer Employment Ideas For College Students

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With the rising costs of education, few students have the luxury of taking the summer off without procuring a summer job. Some employers hesitate to hire workers who plan to take a position temporarily, which can make it tricky to find a job. Below I’ve listed some job ideas that work well for college students in between semesters.

Restaurant server: Being a waiter or waitress at a restaurant is a very popular job for students. Hours are typically flexible, and you have the option to swap shifts with other employees if you need time off. The base rate of pay for servers is minimum wage in most states, but tips can turn it into a very lucrative job. Some restaurants include free food as well, which helps with the summer grocery bill.

Nanny/Babysitting: When school’s out for the summer, children are out of school too. Many working parents need a babysitter or nanny for two or three months of the summer. If you’re serious about child care, the Red Cross offers a babysitting course that certifies you in CPR, rescue breathing, and other lifesaving skills. If you’re not interested in the time commitment as a full-time nanny, many parents still need care of little ones for evenings or weekends.

Internships: Spending the summer as an intern is a great way to prepare for your future career. Many internships are unpaid, but they give you real working experience which will help build up your resume and help you expand your professional network. Interning may not be the most fun or lucrative summer employment option, but it’s among the best choices to prepare you for life after graduation.

Resorts: If you’d like to vacation over the summer, but your financial situation won’t allow it, working at a resort can allow you to allow the luxuries of vacation while still earning a paycheck. Many hotel and resort operations offer summer programs for students and recruit at local schools. Although pay is usually not very high, the job will include room and board for the summer. When you’re not on duty, you can enjoy the amenities of the resort.

On-Campus jobs: College campuses are generally more quiet during the summer, but most colleges and universities need to be manned for regular operations even when class is out. Positions that are filled for federal work-study at other times of the year may accept open applications during the summer. Depending on the school, some of the campus jobs available may include tutoring, grounds keeping, food service, library aide, research and clerical assistants.

Lifeguarding: If you like to spend your summer out in the sun, lifeguarding may be a good option for your summer employment. To become a lifeguard, you must complete lifeguard and CPR certifications. Lifeguard jobs often pay above minimum wage because it is considered skilled work. If you like working with children, many pools use their lifeguards to teach swimming lessons. Look for opportunities at water parks, beaches and local recreation centers.

Farms and Farmers Markets: If you’re passionate about fresh produce and would like something a little out of the ordinary, have you considered working on a farm? Farms are at the height of production during the summer, and there is a need for additional labor. If working on a farm isn’t your style, farmers markets are another option. Many farmers markets operate on weekends or in the evening, which can allow you to work a second job during the day.  Many farmers markets offer a portion or share of food in addition to your paycheck.

Having a hard time finding a job?

Contact a past employer: If you left a former employer on good terms before starting school, you can contact a former employer to see if they would be interested in hiring you seasonally or on a project-based agreement. Many employers would prefer to hire a trusted former employee than conduct a full job search for a new employee.

Network through friends and family: A great way to find job opportunities is through friends and family members. Social networking sites like Facebook are an excellent way to put the word out that you are looking for a job. Using those existing connections may help put you in contact with an employer or position you wouldn’t otherwise find on a job board.

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