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Shark Week: Super Sharks [infographic]

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Sharks have been around for about 450 million years, and some modern sharks began to appear 208 million years ago. That’s 50 million years before the T-Rex roamed the earth!

So what makes sharks the perfect predator?

1. Fast-twitch muscles
Great White Sharks are incredibly strong. Their powerful tails are able to launch them completely out of the water with their prey in their mouth. Sharks are 85% muscle compared with 40% for the average human.

2. Cartilage Skeleton
Compared to bone, cartilage is less prone to disease. It’s also lighter and more flexible – making the shark a faster, more maneuverable predator.

3. Endless Teeth
Sharks have a conveyor belt of teeth, and may lose 30,000 or more in their lifetime. Great White teeth are 2 inches tall and incredibly sharp.

4. Dermal Denticles
Shark skin is tough, made of tiny armor called “denticles” which both serves as protection to the shark’s body and reduces swimming turbulence.

5. Super Senses
Some species of shark can detect one part per million of blood in sea water. It is likely that they have a sharp sense of hearing and good night vision.

6. Extra Senses
Most shark species have hundreds to thousands of electroreceptors called “Ampullae of Lorenzini” to help locate prey. They also have a lateral line to detect vibrations in the water.

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Shark Week: Super Sharks [infographic]

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