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Avoid Student Loan Debt At College Of The Ozarks

college of the ozarks campus

College of the Ozarks is so concerned about students racking up student loan debt, they’ve decided to no longer allow student loans. Find out how students pay for their classes. Continue reading “Avoid Student Loan Debt At College Of The Ozarks” »

Avoiding the Freshman $15,000

freshman 15000

Just as bad eating habits can lead to “the Freshman 15″ weight gain, bad spending habits in college can put you into debt that is hard to get rid of. See how you can avoid the “Freshman $15,000.” Continue reading “Avoiding the Freshman $15,000” »

Tips to Improve Financial Fitness For College Students

Financial fitness

College students should strive to accrue as little debt as possible while in school. Here are some tips to help you be in control of your college finances. Continue reading “Tips to Improve Financial Fitness For College Students” »

Balancing School and Professional Gaming

Korean pro gamer Kim "GanZi" Dong Ju at IPL4, moments before his first match against amateur American player IMBAoracle

TwitchTV’s latest announcement of their new competitive gaming scholarship raises the question: is it possible to make a career out of competitive gaming and still go to school? Would a $10,000 scholarship help? Continue reading “Balancing School and Professional Gaming” »

Success by Degrees $500 Scholarship giveaway! Feb 13-20, 2012

$500 Scholarship

Win a $500 scholarship between Feb 13-20! Continue reading “Success by Degrees $500 Scholarship giveaway! Feb 13-20, 2012” »

Tweet Your Way to a Scholarship


Often dismissed as another social media craze or an online time-waster, Twitter is emerging as a powerful tool for students – companies and schools alike are offering scholarships worth $1,000 or more to the applicant who delivers the most informative, engaging Tweet – all at 140 characters or less! Continue reading “Tweet Your Way to a Scholarship” »

9 Facts About Pell Grants [infographic]


The Pell Grant is one of the most prized forms of financial aid — mostly because it is a grant, and does not have to be paid back. Each year, Pell Grants are awarded to low-income undergraduate students across the nation. The maximum Pell Grant for the 2010-11 academic year is $5,550. The actual amount … Continue reading “9 Facts About Pell Grants [infographic]” »

Online Universities – 6 Questions to Ask


As online universities become more popular, the question often asked is if an online degree is the same as a physical classroom degree. Depending on your course of study, that really is going to be a factor of the school and subject matter. Accreditation is the most important factor when it comes to the value of a … Continue reading “Online Universities – 6 Questions to Ask” »

Who Gets Financial Aid? [infographic]


With the rising costs of tuition, financial aid is on college students’ minds more than ever before. Students are applying for grants and student loans in record numbers. The good news is that aid is increasing. More financial aid was available to students this year than in any previous year, with a promised plan from … Continue reading “Who Gets Financial Aid? [infographic]” »

Record high 42% tuition discounts help new students afford college


According to the most recent National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) study, institutional grants offered by private colleges have reached an all-time high of 42.4%. Continue reading “Record high 42% tuition discounts help new students afford college” »

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