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Candy Calories [infographic]


We recently explored what Halloween candies kids most want to get when they trick or treat. Today we’ll take a look at which candies pack the most calories. With Halloween around the corner, we’ll all see our fair share of candy. And it’s hard not to love the stuff. We’re pre-wired to crave it. … Continue reading “Candy Calories [infographic]” »

Spooky Halloween Statistics [infographic]


There is plenty to fear, especially on Halloween. But what should we really be afraid of? Poisoned candy? Nope. Child abduction? Not likely. Diabetes and lead-based paints? Apparently so. What things are you worried … Continue reading “Spooky Halloween Statistics [infographic]” »

Trick or Treat [infographic]


Halloween is the top holiday for candy consumption in the United States. It murders Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day. This year, Americans will hand out a monstrous $2.3 Billion dollars worth of sweets to a potential 41 million trick or treaters across the country. This popular holiday is keeping Continue reading “Trick or Treat [infographic]” »

What do we fear? [infographic]


What is a phobia? Our common fears are given scientific names called phobias. For example, most people have heard of arachnophobia, the common fear of spiders, or claustrophobia, the fear of enclosed spaces. Phobias vary greatly in severity. Some people may feel mild anxiety over a fear, while others suffer panic attacks with disabling symptoms. … Continue reading “What do we fear? [infographic]” »

How much would it cost to go to Hogwarts? [infographic]


To celebrate the release of the final Harry Potter movie, we’ve pulled together some numbers to figure out roughly how much it would cost to attend Hogwarts. In the first book, Harry receives a letter detailing the equipment that he is required to purchase for Hogwarts (reproduced here). Admittedly, … Continue reading “How much would it cost to go to Hogwarts? [infographic]” »

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