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6 Good Reasons To Kiss The Irish [infographic]


You’ve probably seen the St. Patrick’s Day shirts, stickers and  buttons that say “Kiss me, I’m Irish.” While a kiss from someone Irish  (not to be confused with an Irish kiss) might bring you the luck of the Irish, there are many reasons why kissing the Irish might be in … Continue reading “6 Good Reasons To Kiss The Irish [infographic]” »

Awesome Things About Sweethearts [infographic]


Conversation hearts are sold every Valentine’s Day in enormous quantities, with messages like “BE MINE” and “LOVE ME.” And it’s been that way for as long as you can remember. Would it surprise you to know that it’s been that way since 1866? That’s one year after the Civil War ended! That’s when NECCO started … Continue reading “Awesome Things About Sweethearts [infographic]” »

Top New Year’s Goals 2013 [infographic]


A December 2012 Harris Poll survey of 3,036 U.S. adults identified “weight loss” as the top resolutions for the new year. Health and money accounted for two-thirds of all resolutions. Here are a few key points from the survey, performed by Dr. John Norcross from the … Continue reading “Top New Year’s Goals 2013 [infographic]” »

International Human Solidarity Day

flames of solidarity

In the spirit of peace on Earth and good will toward all mankind, this month, think about celebrating a lesser-known December holiday – International Human Solidarity Day. Continue reading “International Human Solidarity Day” »

All You Need To Know About Kwanzaa [infographic]


Part of our goal of lifelong learning is to explore various topics, cultures and traditions. We’ve previously created a few graphics about Christmas and its origins and traditions, and today we take a closer look at a lesser known holiday, Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa (spelled Kwanza in African countries) is … Continue reading “All You Need To Know About Kwanzaa [infographic]” »

Pie Charts [infographic]


There’s no doubt about it, Americans LOVE pie. And when it comes to holidays, we really dig in. A recent survey from Pillsbury reveals that 94% of Americans plan to eat pie over the holidays and two-thirds of Americans prefer holiday foods over gifts! So which pies are the … Continue reading “Pie Charts [infographic]” »

Spooky Halloween Statistics [infographic]


There is plenty to fear, especially on Halloween. But what should we really be afraid of? Poisoned candy? Nope. Child abduction? Not likely. Diabetes and lead-based paints? Apparently so. What things are you worried … Continue reading “Spooky Halloween Statistics [infographic]” »

Trick or Treat [infographic]


Halloween is the top holiday for candy consumption in the United States. It murders Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day. This year, Americans will hand out a monstrous $2.3 Billion dollars worth of sweets to a potential 41 million trick or treaters across the country. This popular holiday is keeping Continue reading “Trick or Treat [infographic]” »

July 4th : BBQ, Beer, and the Pursuit of Celebration


There is no holiday quite like Independence Day. July 4th is everything we love about summer—good weather, cookouts, time with family and friends—and takes it up a notch with fireworks and parades. Continue reading “July 4th : BBQ, Beer, and the Pursuit of Celebration” »

We Love Dads – Father’s Day Infographic


Dads, you make an enormous impact on the lives of your children. Never underestimate the positive influence you have in your home. Happy Father’s Day, thanks for all you do. Continue reading “We Love Dads – Father’s Day Infographic” »

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