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The Five-Pronged Approach To Goal-Setting

five-pronged goal setting

Looking to find some balance in your life in 2013? We suggest the five-pronged approach: Create intellectual, physical, spiritual, financial, and social goals. Continue reading “The Five-Pronged Approach To Goal-Setting” »

International Human Solidarity Day

flames of solidarity

In the spirit of peace on Earth and good will toward all mankind, this month, think about celebrating a lesser-known December holiday – International Human Solidarity Day. Continue reading “International Human Solidarity Day” »

Facts About London I Didn’t Learn In College

parliament square and big ben

Which London bridge is falling down? Where exactly is “Big Ben?” Find out some facts about London that you might not have learned in college. Continue reading “Facts About London I Didn’t Learn In College” »

College Rankings by Beer Consumption


Each year The Princeton Review polls thousands of students at 376 of the best colleges and universities. As part of our Lifelong Learning series, we’ve taken some of the more interesting survey results and created a mini series of graphical highlights. Beer consumption rankings are based on … Continue reading “College Rankings by Beer Consumption” »

4 Amazing Facts About The Mighty Redwoods


This past week I spent some time in Yosemite National Park. Travel, especially with my children, always invigorates my desire to learn and to explore. There we saw majestic falls, massive granite mountains and of course the amazing redwoods. John Steinbeck and I share similar views on these amazing trees: The redwoods, once seen, leave … Continue reading “4 Amazing Facts About The Mighty Redwoods” »

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