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Nerdy Valentines – Part Three


We love that YOU love our Nerdy Valentines. We’ve had such an exciting response to our other Nerdy Valentines, part one and part two, that we made another stimulating set for the readers we love. Today we’re setting aside the higher education theme that our … Continue reading “Nerdy Valentines – Part Three” »

Nerdy Valentines – Scientific Edition


We’ve noticed an overwhelming responseĀ to ourĀ Nerdy Valentines posts, and it’s evident that people think smart is sexy. We sexy folks at DegreeSearch love to come up with our own custom designs, but when we see something clever elsewhere on the interwebs, we like to share the love. We decided to highlight some other … Continue reading “Nerdy Valentines – Scientific Edition” »

Nerdy Valentines: Part Two


Ready for some more Valentines Day geekery? We had such an arousing response to our first set of Nerdy Valentines, we decided to publish another set! We hope you’re sharing these heartfelt Valentines messages with the ones who turn you on (mentally, of course). We want you to share the love! Who is on … Continue reading “Nerdy Valentines: Part Two” »

Nerdy Valentines – Part One

nerdy qwerty valentines

Everybody knows that Smart is Sexy. And never is sexiness more important than at Valentine’s Day! This year, the lovers at DegreeSearch decided that it was time to share the smart sexiness with a series of Nerdy Valentines cards. And because we love education, each card … Continue reading “Nerdy Valentines – Part One” »

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