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How To Choose The Right MOOC For You

Course collage

With the advent of the massively open online course (MOOC) schooling model, people all over the world are taking advantage of this free education platform. Which option is best for you? Continue reading “How To Choose The Right MOOC For You” »

Coursera Offers Free Online College Courses From Top-Tier Universities


Last week, Coursera announced that it will be offering over 100 massive open online courses (MOOCs) from major universities across the country this fall. Continue reading “Coursera Offers Free Online College Courses From Top-Tier Universities” »

The Future of Online Education

Online Education

From February 21 – 27, DegreeSearch.org held a writing contest with a $500 cash scholarship on the line. Writers were invited to share their thoughts on “The Future of Online Education”. We were impressed by the insight, perspective, and detail with which participants approached the topic. It was a difficult decision, but we narrowed … Continue reading “The Future of Online Education” »

Stanford and Harvard offering free online courses


Both Stanford University and Harvard University are now offering a selection of free online courses. While some courses offer a statement of accomplishment, actual course credit is not awarded for completion. The real value comes in the quality of education you will receive.
Did we mention it’s free? Continue reading “Stanford and Harvard offering free online courses” »

Being A Successful Online Student

Online Student

Taking online classes is just like taking classes on campus…except where it’s completely different. Either way, there are certain steps you can take to have a successful experience as an online student. Here are a few: Organization Just like attending classes on campus, make sure to keep things … Continue reading “Being A Successful Online Student” »

School Spotlight: Kaplan University

Kaplan University

When hearing the name Kaplan, many might initially associate it with test preparation classes. They wouldn’t be wrong, either, but Kaplan also has a university that is thriving, both online and on-campus. Continue reading “School Spotlight: Kaplan University” »

Advantages of Taking Online Courses

Online college student

Today, going to college no longer has to mean relocating, long commutes, or crowded lecture halls. With so many accredited schools offering courses and entire degree programs online, furthering your education can be as simple as turning on your computer and heading to a website. If you’ve been hemming and hawing about taking online courses, … Continue reading “Advantages of Taking Online Courses” »

How to prepare for your first online course


Unless you’ve been hiding under an internet rock, you’ve likely seen the online school ads with hero shots of young attractive students sitting with their laptops in some hipster cafe, or on the summit of a gorgeous overlook in the Rocky Mountains, or perhaps casually soaking up sun on an exotic beach while pursuing their online MBA and sipping a martini. Continue reading “How to prepare for your first online course” »

College Tuition – Dollars & Sense

Dollars and Sense

An important part of deciding to further your education is making sure you have all the facts on the schools you’re interested in – and that includes being informed about tuition and other costs associated with attending college. To help potential students and their families with this decision, the Department of Education unveiled a Continue reading “College Tuition – Dollars & Sense” »

Online Universities to Play Bigger Role in American Education


More and more universities are exploring online technology as a viable means to deliver curriculum, regulate tuition costs, and enhance students’ learning experience in new and meaningful ways. Continue reading “Online Universities to Play Bigger Role in American Education” »

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