The Top 10 Goals for 2011 [infographic]

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  • What are your goals for 2011?
  • Did you have any goals that aren’t on this list?
  • What’s the biggest goal you’ve ever set for yourself?
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    Here are the best top 10 goals of 2011. t also gave them a good opportunity to meet potential employers can hire them shortly after graduation.

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    We do make our new year resolution, but only few we cop up with.

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  • john

    my #1 goal for 2011 is to read through God’s word. If you struggle with life, find all the answers in God’s word.
    It will give you all the strengh and wisdom you will need.

  • sateSeide


  • Joseph

    Thanks for the comments!

    @Mike – Hah. Mike. You really should. You could surprise your coworkers with a flying tackle first thing in the morning.

    @Samantha – Be careful in January, or you may end up like this guy:

    @Lydia – I think being sober is the first step to setting reasonable goals. Otherwise you end up with goals like “learn to fly” or “don’t throw up on my date tonight”

  • Lydia

    Really? Drink less alcohol is #1? Wow, seems like we’re all trying to deal with the stress and guilt of numbers 2-10 by getting sloshed.

  • Samantha

    I resolve to help others by eating all the food they discard during January trying to lose weight.

  • Mike

    #7, take up mexican wrestling

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