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Valentine’s Day Spending 2012 [infographic]

When we took a look at Valentine’s Day Spending last year, spending was rebounding after the recession. This year, spending is back and stronger than ever. Americans are expected to spend an average of $126.03 per person, or $17.6 Billion.

Here are few highlights from the graphic:

      Valentine’s Day spending is up 8.5% from last year. ($17.6 Billion in 2012 vs. $15.7 Billion in 2011)
      A higher percentage of adults plan to celebrate this year. (59.4% in 2012 vs. 58.1% in 2011)
      Men plan to spend $112.65 on their significant other on Valentine’s day; more than twice as much as the $51.56 women plan to spend

For you single folks and college students out there, here are a few additional relationship statistics:

Relationship Statistics
Ratio of single men in their 20′s to single women in their 20′s 1.2 to 1
Ratio of sinlgle men 65 or older to single women 65 or older 0.33 to 1
Number of dating service establishments nationwide 904
Average number of marriages annually 2.16 million
Valentine’s Day Spending 2012 [infographic]

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